Crowns & Bridges

Painting Tooth Crown - Dental Services in Clifton Park, NY
A dental crown is a tooth shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape and size and protect it from future damage. This is a procedure that is performed most frequently on teeth with large fillings that have weakened the tooth or have caused the tooth to fracture. By fully encasing the entire tooth that lies at and above the gumline, the crown provides strength to chew and function on and improves the appearance of the tooth.
We provide a variety of options for the material your crown will be made from: all porcelain, which provides the most natural looking appearance , porcelain with a metal substructure, and in some cases all gold.
In order for a crown to be made for your tooth, two appointments must be scheduled. The first appointment includes preparing the tooth and creating the appropriate amount of space for the crown to fit over the tooth, taking an impression of this prepared tooth and fabricating a temporary crown for you to go home with. The second appointment includes removing the temporary crown and fitting the permanent crown. The crown will be cemented or bonded to your tooth with a permanent cement. The doctor will then review how to care for your new crown.
A dental bridge is a natural looking appliance that is cemented or bonded into place to replace a missing tooth or close a large space. This type of bridge is custom made by a laboratory and involves placing a crown on each tooth on either side of the missing tooth space. These two crowns are connected by a false tooth and serve as the anchors for the bridge to be cemented to.
This procedure requires two appointments: the first is to prepare the teeth for a bridge, take an impression, and fabricate a temporary bridge to wear while the permanent bridge is being made. The second appointment allows the dentist to fit the permanent bridge and cement it into place.