Digital X-Rays

Dentist with Xray on Tablet - Dental Services in Clifton Park, NY
Clifton Park Dental has been using digital x-rays for the past five years. It has been one of the best advancements in field of dentistry. Not only is the patient exposed to far less radiation ( usually 75% less than with traditional x-rays), but this technology allows the radiographed image to be projected onto a computer screen immediately. The image can be enlarged on the screen for easy viewing by the patient. Digital x-rays also offer greater image resolution and detail which aids the dentist and hygienist in a more accurate diagnosis of the tooth in question.
In addition to the above mentioned advantages of less radiation and higher quality images, digital x-rays also have the benefit of being e-mailed to a dental specialist for immediate review when a second opinion is needed as well as transfer of records to another dentist in the event a patient moves.
As we are now in an age where we are trying to be more environmentally friendly, dentists who use digital x-rays can say that there are no chemicals used to develop these x-rays and are therefore helping cut down on these chemicals being introduced into the environment!